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      Harrow Cleaning Company were the cheapest cleaning company I could find in the local area and they do a great job too.
Merida Groggs19/05/2020
     I can't say enough how much I recommend HarrowCarpetCleaning! From start to finish the staff were so kind, patient with all of my questions, efficient, fast to respond to my emails, and professional!
B. Hansen19/09/2019
     Called HarrowCarpetCleaners because I needed end of tenancy cleaners. They arranged everything for me, the rate was cheap and I got a great team of experts that made everything shine again. Definitely will recommend to all of my neighbours!
Bob Lawrence07/12/2016
     I just want to say how strongly I recommend HarrowCarpetCleaners for home cleaning. I've used this company numerous times and they've never let me down. They are reliable, fast and above all, professional.
Jake Richards21/04/2016
     I'm so impressed with the standard of work and quality of service delivered by the cleaners at HarrowCarpetCleaners! Having just moved to the city I was in search of cleaners to visit my home on a fortnightly basis to take care of vacuuming, my washing, ironing etc. When a work colleague recommended your services and told me about your astonishingly low prices, I didn't believe her. But having used you myself I can safely say you are everything I hoped for and more.
Rob E.15/01/2015
     HarrowCarpetCleaners have done more for me than I ever thought they could. I was looking around for some helpful upholstery cleaners and they were exactly what I wanted. I need someone who understood how important my furniture was to me and could restore it, as well as keep it clean. I hired them for the job and they did everything I wanted and more. Before knew it, I had immaculate furniture that makes my home look and feel great. I would hire them again in an instant.
Darren Clough18/12/2014
     My boyfriend and I have both been working away for a while and with commuting time eating into our evenings, we thought it best to hire a cleaner. HarrowCarpetCleaners do just that for us and they get all the tricky jobs done like cleaning the cooker for us, doing our ironing and changing bed sheets and some of the day to day jobs we never get round to like vacuuming the floor, dusting all the counters and spraying the shower doors down. They are one of the cheapest cleaning agencies we've seen and their work is very good.
Vicky E.14/11/2014
     I have been looking for a really reliable company to clean my curtains for a very long time. HarrowCarpetCleaners are the first I have come across who offer curtain cleaning to the standard I feel is truly acceptable. Their cleaners are honest, efficient and consummate professionals who arrived at my home and cleaned my curtains like they had never been cleaned before. When they left I looked at my curtains for ages, stunned. What a service!
     Well, I ain't gonna lie, I wouldn't call myself a good cleaner. In fact, I don't really know much about it. I leave most of the cleaning jobs to HarrowCarpetCleaners and they do a great job. I called them up one day, they sent a cleaner over the next, and I have stuck with them ever since. They're cheap and easy to hire, and their staff are friendly, and won't judge you. It feels good to have a properly clean home, it does wonders for your self esteem. If this sounds like something you'd want, I'd definitely recommend them!
     My wife had been in hospital and I was surprising her on her return with a clean house. Of course I wasn't going to do it I was hiring a local company I had seen around in the area. I called and the friendly staff was helpful and organised an appointment for me the day before my wife was coming home. The workers did a wonderful job, and took great care with our possessions. The place looked so neat and tidy, and I knew she would love it, and she did she was overwhelmed with how clean the house looked.
Tod Backstrom24/07/2014
     What I like most about HarrowCarpetCleaners is the personal touch my husband and I get from the cleaners. Every time they come, they make sure our bed linen is fresh, they put on the washing, change the bathroom towels and even do the ironing. They have the common sense to do jobs that need doing and not simply go through the motions, which is why they are the best house cleaning team I've ever employed. I would certainly recommend that people use them for their home cleaning and domestic duties as it makes such a difference and my husband and I are now able to enjoy much more of our free time.
Alvina K.30/06/2014
     HarrowCarpetCleaners are the best! This lot got me out of a serious tight spot recently! I had spilled a whole casserole over my girlfriend's favorite rug, and there was no way it was coming out! I got the company involved, and they sorted it pretty quickly and easily, and she has not noticed since she got home! Absolute life savers, I can't believe how lucky I was to find them when I did! I would recommend them to anyone who needs help, and needs it fast! Such a good clean, and an amazing price to boot, can't really beat it!
Andre Jordan29/04/2014
     I moved into a new house quite recently, and thought the house itself was lovely, the carpets were an absolute mess! They were quite pale carpets with lots of stains and dirt, and no matter what I tried I just couldn't get them looking how I wanted them to. I decided to call in professional cleaners and I hired my help from HarrowCarpetCleaners. I still can't believe how fast my cleaner worked, and the techniques she used were more than effective. Now my carpets look practically brand new, and even the stains have been lifted! An amazing service, I am very impressed!
     I wanted to get the right cleaning service but only at the right price. After talking to a fair few companies and getting a fair few quotes, I was still not convinced. A family member heard about my search and put me in touch with HarrowCarpetCleaners. They gave me a great quote and I was willing to trust the endorsement I had received, so I gave them a chance. That might well have been the best decision I made in a long time, and now I happily enjoy their services on a regular basis and their precise are still excellent.
     Knowing full well how essential it is to have a great cleaning service around, I am pleased to recommend HarrowCarpetCleaners. They really do fit the bill, with friendly cleaners, a great service every time, and extremely agreeable prices. The value for money is what really makes them stand out, as I am always surprised by how little they charge after what seems like a lot of work! Perhaps I'm just not as used to hard work, but either way, it's a great job for a great price, and they are the kind of service that everyone should be using!
Ida Newman05/03/2014
     I hired HarrowCarpetCleaners to provide a thorough upholstery cleaning for my sofa and other furniture. I wanted a deep clean that could thoroughly clean the fibres and remove dust and stains. The cleaning experts at HarrowCarpetCleaners provided an excellent service at an affordable price. I would surely hire them in the future and I would recommend them to anybody looking for a thorough sofa or upholstery clean. They know exactly how to clean any fabric and will not damage your fabrics. I am extremely pleased with their service. Thanks for the hard work!
Marisa I.18/02/2014
     My wife and I wanted to find a professional cleaning company and we heard about HarrowCarpetCleaners through a friend. The member of staff we spoke to over the phone was really attentive and friendly and she made sure we had the perfect cleaner for all of our needs. When our cleaner got to our home she was really thorough and used some great cleaning equipment. We've used cleaning companies in the past but we've never before been as impressed with a service as we are with this one. We're thinking about becoming regular customers after this! Thanks you!
David A.21/01/2014
     Chasing around after my young kids was stressful enough without having to worry about keeping the house clean and tidy, but I soon realised I was juggling too much and my home just wasn't up to scratch. I was embarrassed about hiring a cleaning company, I thought maybe they'd think I was incapable of looking after my family, but the cleaners at HarrowCarpetCleaners were more than fantastic and put my fears to rest straight away! Now my home is always looking amazingly clean and I have all the time I need to spend with my family. Great!
     Top work guys, as ever. Since cleaning the carpets in one of my rental properties five or so years ago HarrowCarpetCleaners have gone on to become my trusted cleaning company. They have been my relief in a number of difficult situations with their superb range of cleaning services. If flooring looks tired their carpet cleaning service is excellent, as is their upholstery cleaning. But as a landlord the end of tenancy clean they provide is second-to-none, and it makes my life so much easier knowing that when I get left an unclean property, these guys will sort it immediately.
Michael Hunt05/12/2013

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